Jambo!Hakuna Matata! First thing I’ve heard since landed to Zanzibar. Although I am experienced traveler I did not know what to expect from Africa.In the end I am very glad I have finally made it to Tanzania and got to explore this paradise for two weeks.Let’s be honest Zanzibar is not a really popular or well known bloggers destination which is a shame because it’s definitely breathtaking spot to escape from the world!

After a long research I have decided to stay in city called Jambiani.I stayed at charming Sharazād boutique hotel.Traditional hotel with touch of luxury and colors of Zanzibar.Nice swimming pool overlooking the Indian Ocean.I would highly recommend to always book hotel with swimming pool as in Zanzibar is low and high tight so you can easily wait until 2pm to get into sea.
Plenty of other resorts near by so you can walk on the beach into next village or rent scooter or bicycle to get around.
I would say that in nearest villages is not a really night life so this type of holiday is definitely for someone who just want to chill and relax.Every resort,hotel,villa have huge gate behind and nothing much outside on street unless you are curious and want to see how local poor people live.It’s heartbreaking see small children to live in such conditions so if you considering visit make sure you get some small presents for them.They will be very happy.I also supported local shops and always got water and small grocery from them instead of hotel bar.

Apart from being in water all day doing nothing I have also booked 2 trips! I made a deal with local fisherman to take me into ocean on his ship so I can snorkel and see some fishes.Mesmerizing experience!Captain told me all about how local people live and showed me best corals to snorkel. Finally I have got chance to pick colorful star fishes.Dream come true!I am person who loves water and underwater world so this was a very exciting trip.

Stone Town
A historic trade center with Swahili and Islamic influences.I loved walking through the maze of cobbled streets in Stone Town!It is absolutely fascinating and there is so much to see.Many historical places and evening food market is a must see!I have hired a guide as the Town is very chaotic and you can easily get lost in streets as they all look the same.

Must have while traveling to Zanzibar – Sun protection minimum 50 SPF – sun is very strong and white skin can easily burn even when it’s cloudy
Tanzanian shilling – make sure you have plenty of change as lots of staff expecting tips, local kids asking for money for food and Maasai people selling on the beach souvenirs from Kilimanjaro.


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