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Do the words spring to mind when you hear the word fake tan – orange? Tangerine ? All these phases seem to resemble those tanning times where you completely messed up and and yes reassembled a streaky mess. Not to mention your bedroom, towels and white bedding sheets are also now covered from head to toe in product. Disaster. Tell me you haven’t been in this situations.

I am sure each one of you gets desperate when the summer months are over and especially us living in UK. Knowing winter is long and cold with no sun. All the summer tan we build on our holidays is gone and skin looks so pale! Let’s face it we all know life is better with a tan. But gone are the days where I would lay on a sun bed with fake vitamin D harming my body. I was always blessed with slightly tanned skin which was a bonus because I tend to tan well in the sun. However I am hardly blessed with with those natural beautiful rays in England.

Thankfully, fake tan is the best option for a healthy not to mention non harmful, glow all year round. I use fake tan once maximum twice per week  on occasion. Or when I want feel better about myself because let’s face it I definitely prefer my appearance with a tan. So I thought this was the perfect time to introduce you all to James Read Tan

Coconut Dry Oil Tan Body & Tan Drops Face

Every product within the range is dreamt up by James himself. All the products have been formulated with patented Tantone Technology. By using James Read products I never need to worry about orange colour. All products are super easy to apply, especially I have been loving using Coconut Dry Oil Tan Body & Tan Drops Face. Smell so nice and so easy to apply. 

1 Hour Tan Bronzing Mousse Face & Body

For a quick tan just before I go out out and need to look tanned I love to use 1 hour Tan Bronzing Mousse Face & Body. Every other night I use Sleep Mask Tan Face – my Face looks tanned and glows so nicely that I don’t need to use foundation at all. 

Body Foundation Wash Off

Another amazing products is Body Foundation Wash Off, you don’t ever  need to worry again  about yellow fingers or your hairline. This products covers all imperfections for an airbrush finish. Plus the luxurious smell of coconut and vanilla is Devine! 

Sculpting Duo Face & Body

Lastly the Sculpting Duo Face & Body palette with golden highlighter and self-tan infused mineral bronzer. The magic tantour powder works throughout the day to create a sun kissed sculpted look that last.

For more info about the products go to James read website and check their videos how to flawlessly tan the face & body. 

Free UK delivery on all orders is another plus 

Products to use : 

JAMES READ Sleep Mask Tan for Face

JAMES READ Coconut Dry Oil Tan Face & Body

JAMES READ Fool Proof Bronzing Mousse for Face & Body

JAMES READ H20 Gradual Tan Drops

JAMES READ Body Foundation Wash Off Tan for Face & Body

Put these products into practice and I promise you that you will achieve that deep flawless tan. 

*This post is in collaboration with James Read, however all opinions are genuine and my own personal thoughts.

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