For those who knows me it’s not a surprise that I have been coming to Amsterdam for years and even used to live there once upon a time. I love this world famous city, no other city can give you the same vibe! All people are super happy always smiling and so healthy. I just love the bike culture and golden age canals lined by tilting gabled buildings.

There is a plenty of museum you can visit or just have walk around the city and enjoy traditional waffle. In summer time I love to rent a bicycle and visit Vondelpark.

Between April and May city becomes extremely busy as many visitors come from all over the world to Netherlands see the tulips. So I have decided I will go to Lisse and explore fields for first time too! I have taken bus from Schiphol to Keukenhof and rented a bike for a day. They will give you map of city and tell you exactly where you can see most beautiful tulip fields! You can as well go to Keukenhof and explore the most largest flower garden, but when I saw millions of people cueing I have quickly changed my mind.
I can honestly tell I have never seen anything like this! Biking through the tulip fields was most amazing and fun ride I’ve ever had.

During the day I enjoy spending time in Rembrandtplein , plenty of small cozy cafes and in the night place becomes really busy where you can find amazing clubs and bars.

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