How to layer your skincare with The Ordinary products

Ever since December I was struggling with really bad skin and eczema around my mouth. I was really desperate and done so much research. Instead spending money on expensive make up I have decided to invest into skin care. After all we all want flawless and amazing skin .The key is also know how to layer your skincare products. Something as simple as order that you apply your skincare products can actually make huge difference to your skin.

During shooting Xmas content in London I bumped into The Ordinary store in Covent Garden. I was amazed by the amount of serums they have and especially for such reasonable prices. Their staff is very well trained and they helped me with all the questions I had.

The term ‘budget-friendly’ isn’t typically associated with serums, and often for good reason as they contain a higher concentration of potent ingredients, hence the higher price tag. These serums does it all; it hydrates, heals and plumps the skin like no other.

The most important thing is to ensure your skin is completely clean before you apply any hydrating lotions or oils. The general rule is to apply the most lightweight formulas first so they can be easily absorbed without the barrier of heavier creams.

How to correctly layer your skincare

Double cleanse → Extra step 1x – 2x a week use exfoliator → Toner → Serum → Eye Cream → Face Cream → Face Serum

I wash my face with Squalane Cleanser . After my face is completely clean I use toner. This is very important step as toner will constantly tighten your pores and help restore your skin Ph levels.

Extra step exfoliate Since I am very new in using direct acids I am using Lactic Acid 5% + HA only twice a week at PM on days when I am not applying Vitamin C serum. This formula offers very mild exfoliation. My skin is brighter and feels very soft after using this stuff.

My absolute favorite number one is Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5. By far the best serum I’ve used. I’ve noticed that skin looks so clear and dewy with no irritation. I see improvements in my fine lines. I only apply few drops in AM.

In PM I apply Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% Vitamin C serum. Very light, easily absorbing. It does brightens & tightens the skin and feels smoother than it ever did. I recommend putting on thin layer.

Hydrated skin is a glowing skin, so never skip your moisturizer. The Ordinary offers natural moisturizer with HA. I haven’t tried it yet, but will purchase it soon with my next order.

Facial Oil Without a doubt one of the most powerful potions on your shelf, the small molecular structure of face oils allows them to penetrate deeper into your skin and hydrate at a much deeper level. They also repair and plump your skin, and feed it with amazing natural vitamins. Oil needs to go last because it will create a protective barrier on your skin and lock in water, if not applied last, it could block your other skincare products from penetrating.

So far I’ve tried from 100% Organic Cold Pressed Borage Seed Oil. It holds the moisturizer without making my skin greasy. Many people complained in the reviews about the earthly smell, but it’s something you can get used to. It significantly doing wonders.


THE most important step before applying make up is to use Sunscreen. Even during the winter months especially after using AHA products. Applying good sunscreen every morning will protect your skin from damaging UVA rays.

You can purchase all products online or in your local Boots. I personally prefer pop in to their Covent Garden store in London.

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