My thoughts on lips fillers

Since last year, I have been thinking about getting my lips done. I had never previously had any kind of treatment. If you’re here for a horror story then sorry you’ve come to the wrong place. As I couldn’t be happier with my results from having lip enhancement. I know before I was thinking of having it done I found it really useful to read other people’s experiences. Of course was curious to see their before and after photos. So I wanted to share my experience with any of you who are considering lip fillers.

I am going to share with you my experience and thoughts on them and cover any questions that have been asked. This is my observation and it’s not to change your decision, either for or against them as its all your own opinion. I’ve found there is always mixed opinions about getting dermal filler/botox. However, if you would like to enhance a feature that you think would create a better look or is something that bothers you then why not. On the other hand, I don’t advise anyone to have filler if you haven’t done your research as to where and what you want.


This brings me nicely on to the reason why I had mine done, and how I knew exactly what I wanted. I had looked at having my lips done for over 1 year and was keen to do so. I would say I’m quite a risky/ spontaneous kind of person. I don’t get scared by a lot of things. I know the thought of needles can be daunting to a lot of people but I can honestly say it’s not as bad as you think in terms of pain. I was always skeptical of it at first after seeing some peoples go wrong or generally looking too much and end up resembling Donald duck. Therefore I never wanted them to look fake or look out of proportion to my face I always wanted it to be very subtle and look natural.

The shape?

The natural shape of my lips I actually really like as I have a bigger bottom lip and my upper lip has a defined cupid’s bow. This is where the middle part arches in and out. Knowing my features, I liked I didn’t want these to change. But what I didn’t like was when I smiled I found my top lip would just disappear which didn’t give me that full smile that I wanted. So, I knew I firstly wanted to have the filler focused around the outer parts of my lips to create more definition and a pout with a little more fullness around the edges.


For my first time I wanted to ensure it would be a subtle enhancement, so I opted to have only 1ml of filler. This just gave them a more stand out pout whilst acting as a lining enhancing the overall shape. I first had a sit-down consultation with me to ensure the results I wanted to achieve and talk through the procedure. I found this very reassuring. Firstly, there is a numbing creaming applied then once the filler first goes into your lips it will instantly swell. Therefore, you think they look bigger than they actually will be. So once the 1ml had gone in I thought it was enough.

I found that my lips swelled up lot more than I expected. I was lucky enough my lips did not bruise at all.

My lips before
Straight after the apt ( as you can see very swollen not attractive photo)

I am generally happy with my results! They have enhanced my face slightly, I’ve felt more confident and got my full smile back. No more over doing lip liner!

I have opted for HA Dermal Filler called Revolax – you can read about it more here.

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