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I can’t even tell you how excited I was to come to Positano!  It’s not a secret that I am very emotional person, but I have never been that emotional to coming to a place. The coastline, colorful buildings the pastel colored sunsets… in case I would be reborn as a poet, I would go to Positano to seek all my inspiration.

 I’ve always been Italy fan and more I see of breathtaking Amalfi coast, the more I fall in love. When thinking about Amalfi I think of so many things –  beautiful gardens, mystic light , colorful umbrellas and also: juicy lemons 🍋 

For me as a true Italy lover Positano is heaven on earth. Stunning hotels everywhere. If you asked me to name my personal top three destinations Positano would definitely make it into the list! 


Positano has super charming beaches. The water is clear and I love all the colorful umbrellas which obviously are quite famous.. Positano does not only offer stunning views from above – It’s also amazing to take a dip and then look up to all the colorful buildings. 

The most famous beach is Spiaggia Grande, the big beach!. At the Spaggia Grande you get a chair for 25€ per person for the whole day but when you come for a quick dip, they’ll hunt you down… 😉 So either be prepared to pay or use the tiny free section of the beach – I’m just being honest.;)

Pro tip: Spaggia Grande closes at six, shortly before the sun hides behind the mountains. Go to the beach around that time when it’s quiet and relaxed and stay until sunset for free! 


In the cute little alleys behind the beach you can find little boutiques of local brands and a lot of art. Even if you are not planning to buy something, it’s a nice experience to just go around and enjoy the beautiful drawings of Positano. Along the coastline you can also find fruit stalls which sell a lot of tasty fresh fruits.

Restaurants in Positano are quite overpriced be prepared to pay just for coffee around 12€. I enjoy exploring other cities and just stop by cute restaurants where Locals eats as well. Believe me pizza & pasta taste much better in place which is less crowded. Famous Italian gelato can be found at every corner.

Positano by boat

The best experience how to explore Positano and Amalfi coast is of course on boat. I have booked as a surprise for me and my boyfriend sunset tour with Positano boats and it was overall the best experience ever. We have both enjoyed romantic evening cruising along Positano and Amalfi coastline.

I highly recommend to rent a car. Bus and boat service is great in Amalfi coast but it’s always better to travel by car. Just a tip – get a small car since the roads are very narrow. 

We have stayed each night in different hotel and different city. Positano was beautiful but the amount of the tourist it’s just unbelievable. Also hotels in summer season are very overpriced. I have much more enjoyed staying in Miori, Maiori and Atrani. Even through these cities are just short drive from Amalfi, the famous and bustling holiday spot these cities remains unspoiled by mass tourism.

I must say I can’t wait for summer 2020 … until next time Positano 

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