After spending entire summer in London ( Apart from going to Czech or Amsterdam ) I have finally planned a trip of my dreams , yes another one 🙂 and decided to explore California. Going to LA is literally every bloggers dream. On the last minute I have changed plans and decided to divide our trip into more parts so I can see more of California and Nevada.

When in LA I can’t really decide what to do first. This is why I have decided to leave LA on the last and rented car and drove to Las Vegas. Renting a car in US is always a fun. They never ever give you the car you have selected while booking as they go by category not a model, so I will recommend book directly with car hire centre not through third party website – it will save you the hassle 🙂 anyway, back to my road trip …

Las Vegas

Vegas is absolutely amazing BUT my mind was not blown away. I have seen dancing fountains and super posh hotels in Dubai. I haven’t had my wild night as jet lag hit me hard and flying 12 hours plus another 6 hours drive did not really help. On the other hand I was very excited staying on the Strip in one of the best hotels in Vegas. When I have seen gondoliers outside of our Venetian hotel I knew that Venetian will take my breath away. The hotel is so big you constantly see new things. Not to mention is connected with Palazzo and you can use their pools as well so the fact that you can choose from 8 pools is quite awesome. I have loved our suite was very spacious and luxurious. Breathtaking views of busy strip from the suite were another plus.
I must admit i have really enjoyed shopping at Las Vegas premium North Outlets , nice range of cool shops & boutiques.

After few days spent in Vegas I have decided to hit the roads again. Plan was drive through Yellowstone National Park to get to San Francisco. I have enjoyed every bit of this road trip. Nevada has amazing roads where you barely see cars passing by and this route was fantastic, just make sure you have always full tank since gas stations are miles away.

Driving through Yellowstone was one of the best rides I have ever done and I literally felt like stopping every one mile just to enjoy the beauty of the nature and amazing lakes and rocks on the way. Personally I consider myself as city type but I would not mind coming back and spend few days in Park just to switch off and rest.

San Francisco

Unfortunately, I was not impressed with San Francisco. I haven’t felt safe in the city at all. Every corner had homeless people lying on the ground. I was literally scared to get out of the car in the evening. On the other hand I have enjoyed visiting Golden Gate Bridge. I was extremely lucky that the weather was nice and no clouds or rain destroyed the amazing view from the bridge. While in San Francisco I have also visited near by city San Jose where you can find HQ of Apple & Facebook & Google. The most impressed I was of course by Google. Self driving cars and chilled atmosphere with Google street names were fun.

Now, finally the best in the end. One week in LA. I had long list with places to see. LA has so much to offer that it feels like you would have to stay for a month to really explore the city.

Los Angeles

During our first days in LA I wanted to explore Melrose avenue as we don’t have half of the shops in London. Also take pictures by all the famous walls like Made in LA & famous pink wings which took us forever to find, thanks to my amazing boyfriend who have lots of patience!
Trip to the Hills is a must while in LA, next time I will definitely consider staying in famous Bel-Air hotel. I loved every sunset and the palm trees on Ocean avenue with all the luxurious shops.
My absolutely favorite part was driving by the coast alongside beautiful Santa Monica beaches.
I have decided to go to Malibu on the last day so I will leave with a great feeling. Morning brunch at Nobu Malibu was literally the best brunch ever, you all know how much I love sushi and Nobu. Unfortunately I have not seen Kim K, perhaps next time.
I can not wait to be back in LA for Coachella next year so I can chill at the beach and just enjoy the Cali vibes bit more.



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