Every time I plan trip to Dubai I try to visit Abu Dhabi for few days.Hotel deals, especially resorts are much cheaper over here and beaches are less crowded.This time I stayed at Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort.Hotel is located on Cornice beach, overlooking the breathtaking Arabian Gulf.

My personal highlight of the trip was Sheikh Zayed Mosque.Must not – miss – destination. I personally think it is one of the most peaceful buildings I ever got to visit!This mosque is actually topped with 82 white domes of varying sizes, reflection pools and colorfully ornamented white marble.In these times of cultural and religious stress across the world, how wonderful to be welcomed into what has to be one of the most beautiful buildings of modern times and of course a place of prayer and reflection.

The main reason why I enjoy visiting Abu Dhabi is to get some relax and get away from chaotic Dubai.Everything is much slower here,even traffic is not that chaotic and beaches are less crowded.




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